Homemade is the best

Let’s have one quick post about 2kg of home grown apricots (a gift from my mother in law) with a lot of  cute photos and a little less of text! These apricots were just ripe, perhaps a little step further from that, soft and sweet.

My blogger friend Sanja with her homemade strawberry jam recipe encouraged me to make my own apricot jam. I’ve always had this thought that this process of making  jam is something complicated and magical. Also, marble cake, how is that made? Chutney, what’s the secret behind that? And if you dive in, and take the challenge, you realize that it’s not  hard at all to create homemade products. With a little effort and a creative presentation, kids will be thrilled to take part in making their own jam or chutney!

Kids like to play games, so let’s make a game from cooking a homemade apricot jam. Amelie had a job of washing apricots and removing their kernels, Zara decided that her jobs was to make a mess in a kitchen, and she was good at it! We made our jam with pectin, and it took only 15 minutes.

”Mom, what’s that?” – ”That’s a pixie dust that will turn our apricots into jam.” – ”Mom, will it turn me into a fairy?”

I made the design of the jar  label on the website, and the recipe was from blogger ”Domacica Sanja”

If you take a better look,you will notice that the design is truly unique, not just because Amelie and I made it ourselves, but also because we misspelled the main word. So Apricot Jam has become our Aprioct Jam. But well, you’ll have to forgive us for that, it’s the first time we made a jam. I would not even notice it if it wasn’t for my friend Marija, who also notice it a bit late, when it was already printed and published. As she explained it to me, that kind of mistake is completely normal when you have sticky fingers and hungry eyes!

To conclude, with a little effort and some leftover fruit, you can create delicious homemade product that can be great personalised gift for friends and family, something to give instead of that classic Croatian ciglica gift that you bring when visiting someone.

Enjoy in your sweet mornings and the casual breakfasts!






















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